4 long-term benefits of alternative dispute resolution methods

It can be very difficult for people to think about life after divorce. Some people are devastated about the end of their marriage, others are so focused on the details of the divorce itself that it is all but impossible to think of much else.

However, there is life after divorce, and that life can be dramatically affected by the method parties used to resolve divorce-related matters. For instance, if you resolve disputes amicably through alternatives to litigation like collaborative law or mediation, you could enjoy the following benefits long after the finalization of your divorce.

  1. Your kids can be happier. When you divorce peacefully, you shield your children from ugly court battles. You also set a positive example for them by working together to resolve difficult issues. Further, when you and your ex minimize conflict, you can make it easier for children to maintain positive relationships with each parent, which is typically in their best interests.
  2. You could have more money. Lengthy trials are expensive and can involve expert witnesses, added court costs and legal fees. Avoiding trial with alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) allows people to retain money they might have otherwise spent on litigation.
  3. You can be more satisfied with the results. ADR options give parties more control over the outcome, which means you can feel better about the agreements you reach.
  4. It can help you find some closure and peace. If you mediate your divorce, you will likely discuss issues and communicate directly, rather than fight against each other in court. This can allow you to feel heard and understand the other party’s position, which can give you greater peace of mind in the long run.

For these and other reasons, it could be wise to pursue alternatives to litigation to resolve divorce-related matters. Not only can ADR make the process a little easier, it can make life after divorce a little easier as well.

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