3 ways technology can help with co-parenting

|December 31, 2019 | child custody

Once your divorce is over, you and your former spouse must start navigating the best way to co-parent. You will both adjust to a new schedule of switching time with your children. But if any issues go against the schedule, you may run into conflicts that lead to tension.

Regardless of your feelings for each other, you will have to learn how to communicate about your children. If you don’t want to speak face-to-face, you may need a different way to stay in touch. Here are a few ways technology can help you avoid tensions:

  • Scheduling your children’s time – You can use a shared calendar to keep on top of your children’s schedules. Multiple parenting smartphone applications, or apps, have a way for you to upload changes that alert the other parent. You can also share a Google or Outlook calendar.
  • Keep track of your shared expenses – By keeping track of your children’s expenses, you can make sure that neither parent pays more than the other. Multiple apps offer you this service. Each parent can know how much their share of clothes, school supplies or doctor bills are.
  • Talk without speaking – With text messages and emails, you can communicate without having to call or talk face-to-face. Parenting apps may also let you message through them. Some even flag language that sounds too aggressive, making sure you keep a neutral tone.

Technology can keep your communication neutral

As you transition into post-divorce life, you want to be a great parent for your children. Communicating with your former spouse can make sure you both keep your kids’ best interests in mind.

While you may not want to talk with your ex, your children rely on you to communicate their needs. If you struggle to speak without fighting, you can use text, email and parenting apps. Technology can help you stay connected from a distance

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