3 mistakes to avoid making during a divorce

|May 18, 2020 | divorce

Divorce can be an extremely stressful process. Emotions are running high and it can be hard to focus on what needs to be done. During this emotional time, mistakes are common. Although they’re common, it will affect your divorce for the worse.

Below are three commonly made mistakes during divorce that you should avoid if you want your divorce to run as smoothly as possible.

1.      Lying about the marriage

There is a reason you’re getting divorced, or the divorce wouldn’t be happening. While the marriage may have had its issues, it’s important to never lie about the spouse. If you are caught in a lie about your spouse and it’s disproven, there are serious consequences. Lying under oath is a federal crime and even a slight exaggeration falls under this category. It’s best to be 100 percent honest during the entirety of the divorce process.

2.      Bad mouthing your spouse to your children

Many people are angry or hurt by their spouse during a divorce. This is perfectly normal. Whatever feelings you have towards your spouse, however, should not be directed towards your children. This can hurt your children. Further than that, it can hurt your rights in future custody cases as well. If you need to rant about your spouse, do so in an appropriate way to the appropriate audience.

3.      Not having a record of all your assets

Even if you didn’t intend it, it can look very bad if you happen to miss one of your assets. Not mentioning all your assets can seem like you’re trying to hide something, which can seem like you’re trying to hide something. This can affect the outcome of your divorce for the worse. Before going through the divorce process, organize your assets and create a list of everything you and your partner owned before and during the marriage.

While divorces can be complicated, you want to try and make the process as easy as possible. Take a deep breath and try to distance yourself from your emotions. Even though this process is emotional, divorces don’t have to be riddled with mistakes.

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